Castle Cary Community Primary School

Castle Cary School

I love the surroundings of the school, it really makes it enjoyable to come to school here.

Year 3 Pupil

The teachers are funny and my friends are too!

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone is caring

Year 5 Pupil

I like it at our school because we do lots of work.

Year 2 Pupil

I like that it's about the children's rights and not just the teachers!

Year 6 Pupil

It's safe, fun and you always learn something new.

Year 5 Pupil

I love it at this school, nothing needs to be changed.

Year 3 Pupil

It's a great place to learn/

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone gets treated fairly; the whole school is kind.

Year 4 Pupil

Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School

Who's Who

Mrs S. Martin

Mrs J. Smith

Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher; Class teacher Year 1/2 (3 days)

Mrs N. Lavis


Mrs A. Brouard

SENCO; SLT; Class teacher Year 5/6 (1 day)

SLT; Class teacher 1/2 (3 days)

Mrs L. Heath

Year 5/6 Class teacher (4 days)

Mr S.Martin

Year 5/6 Class teacher

Mr M. Hillier

Year 3/4 Class teacher 

Miss T. Kamath Year 3/4 Class teacher

Miss H. Warren


Mrs F. Reese

Year 1/2 Class teacher


Year 1/2 Class Teacher (2 days)

Mrs A. Davey

Year 1/2 Class teacher (2 days)
Mrs C. Neal Foundation Stage

Mrs M. Hougton

Sports Coach

Office Administrative Staff 

Mrs B. Watts

School Office Manager

Mrs G. Arnold

School Administrator/Teaching Support Staff

Mrs M. Singer

School Administrator/Teaching Support Staff

Learning Support Staff

Mrs S. Barber

Mrs C. Norris

Mrs F. Browse

Mrs C. Penny

Mrs S. Francis

Mrs M. Skirton

Mrs H. Griffin

Miss C. Hallett

Mrs A. James

 Mrs K. Lawrence

Mrs G. Dycer

Mr T. Mortimer

Mrs T. Higgins

Mrs R. Crosse

 Mrs M. Rossiter

Mrs Z. Mitchell

Caretaker/Cleaning staff/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K. Smith

Cleaning staff

Mrs M. Pullen

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss. D. Barker

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F. Briody

Lunchtime Supervisor


Governing Body

(Where Business Interests have been declared, they are included below)

Mrs Barbara Flower

Clerk to the Governors

Mr Roger Weldhen


LA Governor

Pay and Performance Committee

Declared business interest: Moat garden project trustee


Mr Mauricio Giraldo



Vice Chair

Parent Governor



Mrs Sarah Martin



Head Teacher


Declared business interest:

Mr S. Martin - husband, employee of the school.


Mr Carl Rostrup

Parent Governor


Ms Claire White

Parent Governor


Mrs Nicola Lavis

Elected staff Governor

Mrs Sian Hill

Co-opted Governor

Declared business interests:

Practising Accountant


Rev. Liz Mortimer

Associate  Governor  SEN Governor

Pay and Performance committee

Declared Business Interests:

Trustee of the National School Charity, which owns the old school building that is leased to the LA

Mr T Mortimer -son, employee of Castle Cary Primary School

Miss Laura Tilling

Co-opted Governor


Declared Business Interest:

Trustee of GLADE, a registered educational charity which provides services to schools.

Obtained funding for family learning from Somerset Skills and learning.

Miss Nicky Creed

Co-opted Governor

Pay and Performance Committee

Mrs Georgina Arnold

Co-opted staff Governor


Declared Business Interest:

Mr J Arnold, husband - self employed carpenter - work carried out for the school.

Mrs Jay Smith 




Mrs Heather Barraclough



Mrs Barbara Flower


Co-opted staff Governor



Parent Governor

Pay and Performance Committee

Declared business interests:

School inspection Ofsted


 Clerk to Governors

Declared business interests:

2 Grandchildren attend the school


For further information see the Governing body webpage